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Below we set out the dates and themes of our Leadership Conversations through to June 2019. Some Conversations are marked “Fellows only” because attendance is restricted to Leadership Fellows. Others are marked “Fellows+” because we are very happy to welcome Fellows’ nominees, such as a member of their top team or a key business partner. 

The Leadership Insights arising from our first nineteen Leadership Conversations are now available on our Leadership Insights page.

There are three price bands for our Conversations:

  • One-day Conversations, from 10.30am to 4.30pm, including lunch and refreshments, facilitation and support and a product within 8 working days. Fee from September 2018: £400 (VAT exempt)
  • One-night Conversations, usually from 6.00pm on day one (after the option of Evensong in the Chapel) until 3.30pm on day two, including accommodation in the House, all meals and refreshments, facilitation/support and a product within 8 working days. Fee: £745 (VAT exempt)
  • Two-night Conversations, typically running from 6.00pm on day one until 11.00am on day three, including overnight accommodation, all meals and refreshments, facilitation/support and a product within 8 working days. Fee: £1245 (VAT exempt)
Leadership Conversation
Being more authentic as a leader
From 6.00pm on Thursday 21st June 2018 until 3.30pm on Friday 22nd
The American basketball player Michael Jordan once defined authenticity as about being true to who we are. Starting with this definition, we ask what is getting in the way of us becoming truly authentic leaders. Is it the way we define our "comfort zone" that limits our authenticity as leaders? Or do we have certain leadership behaviours that stop others from seeing us for who we really are? And how can we make our strategy to become more authentic part of a wider strategy to benefit the organisation that we help to lead? This Conversation will deploy our high trust guiding principles to the full, to challenge and stretch us as we explore what more we each need to do to step forward as leaders true to who we are. Fellows +.
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Leadership Conversation
You as a leader - in July 2021
From 6.00pm on Thursday 19th July 2018 until 3.30pm on Friday 20th
The first of our Leadership Conversations structured around our three core guiding principles of trust, connect and stretch, to make this one of our most trusting, connected and stretching Conversations so far. If you click on the agenda below you will see how we hope to support every Leadership Fellow joining us in gaining fresh insights into your future leadership options and ending up with a clear strategy for managing those self-limiting behaviours that we all have - and making sure they don’t get in your way. Everyone else in the group is there to be your sounding board, just as you are part of theirs. Fellows only
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Leadership Conversation
Integrity in Leadership
From 9.00am until 3.00pm on Wednesday September 12th 2018
We expect this to be our best attended Conversation of the year. It follows on from our Annual Gathering for Leadership Fellows in St George's Chapel the previous evening, and will pick up on the main themes developed during the Gathering as well as building on the outcomes of our June 5 Conversation. We hope to develop some propositions that are not only useful to Leadership Fellows joining us on the day, but also help to set some benchmark standards for integrity in leadership that ripple out across all sectors and levels of leadership.
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Leadership Conversation
Stretching your top talent
From 6.00pm on Tuesday 16th October 2018 until 3.30pm on Wednesday 17th
This Conversation is designed for Chief Executives and Executive Directors to explore what more you should be doing to stretch your top talent. We will focus on your roles as talent spotter and people developer, in a format designed to generate an extensive menu of fresh ideas around talent development. Is it time to rethink your culture for teams, so that there is more space for your best people to grow and flourish? Should you “reshuffle the pack” more often, to re-energise those who have got stuck in a rut? And what might YOU do differently to encourage your most talented people to stretch themselves more? Fellows +
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Leadership Conversation
Managing conflict to maximise creativity
From 6.00pm on Monday 19th November 2018 until 3.30pm on Tuesday 20th
So many leaders say that they try to avoid conflict in their dealings with others. How can we manage conflict differently in teams so that we take it less personally and help others to become less intimidated by it? Could any of the suggested team practices and leadership behaviours in the background paper and agenda be of use to YOU - and if so, could you hope to develop some more with other Fellows through joining this particular Conversation? Fellows+
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Leadership Conversation
Achieving your top priorities in 2019
From 10.30am until 4.30pm on Wednesday December 12th 2018
Designed for Fellows who are asking yourselves what are the top priorities that you most want to achieve as a leader in 2019. Once you have identified your top three, we will ask what it it is about YOU as a leader that is most likely to hold you back. We will then compare notes and ask how much we have in common, and what we can take from each other’s stories that could enable us to tackle some of our own self-limiting behaviours. We will then support each other in developing personal strategies for mobilising our inner resources as leaders to make 2019 the year when we no longer get in our own way, and nail our top priorities sooner rather than later. Fellows only
Leadership Conversation
Trusting yourself more as a leader
From 6.00pm on Thursday 24th January 2019 until 3.30pm on Friday 25th
At an earlier Conversation we came to the conclusion that our trustworthiness in the eyes of others depends to a large degree on how much we are able to trust ourselves as leaders. What holds us back from having more confidence in our own instincts and judgements? Where we are unsure, who do we use as a sounding board – and are we open to changing our mind, as we draw on the advice of others? Can we combine higher levels of self-trust AND greater openness to the insights that others around us have to offer? Is self-trust perhaps about our ability to listen more deeply as well as our capacity for following our instincts? And are there dangers in trusting ourselves TOO MUCH as leaders ….? Fellows +
Leadership Conversation
From a good double act to a top class act
From 6.00pm on Monday 25th February 2019 until 3.30pm on Tuesday 26th
So many successful organisations have a strong double act at the top: a Chair who works very well with their CEO, or a CEO who works exceptionally well with one of their Exec Directors. If you’re part of a double act, this Conversation is designed for you (either solo or together). We will ask what works really well for you and what is getting in the way of you becoming even more effective as a double act. How can you become better still WITHOUT creating greater jealousy among others? Should you be ready to let go of your double act for the sake of a more unified top team? Could a smaller top team become a top class act - and where would this leave your double act? Fellows +
Leadership Conversation
Becoming more effective as a thought leader
From 10.30am until 4.30pm on Thursday March 14th 2019
Nowadays so many of us work in so many different networks where we are called upon to play different sorts of roles as thought leaders. In these settings, leadership is less and less about formal authority and more and more about our capacity to exercise informal influence over others. This is why we will “compare notes” at this Conversation and ask what are our top DO’s and DON’Ts that should enable us to exercise greater informal influence as thought leaders. We will also ask what is the best way of attracting top quality peers to us, so that we work more closely alongside those from whom we can learn the most as well as extending our reach and influence as thought leaders. Fellows only
Leadership Conversation
Stepping forward as leaders of culture change
From 6.00pm on Tuesday 2nd April 2019 until 3.30pm on Wednesday 3rd
At an earlier Conversation we agreed that leading culture change is in many ways PERSONAL to us as leaders. We need to offer passion, vision and hope for a better tomorrow. We occasionally need to become a disruptor, too, and name the tensions in the culture that we want to leave behind. Above all else, we need to make sure that our people can connect better with us. We will ask what we each see as the two or three aspects of our leadership style that we need to work on to achieve a stronger connection, and will support each other in doing just that, so that we can each step forward more confidently as a leader of culture change. Fellows +
Leadership Conversation
Maintaining the courage to reach for the stars
From 6.00pm on Sunday 12th May 2019 until 11.00am on Tuesday 14th
We will start by asking you to imagine that over the next few years you are able to achieve what you now regard as your full potential as a leader. By some means, you have reached for the stars – and arrived! As you bring to life this possible future, we will ask what excites you about it and also whether you feel it might be a step too far. From this standpoint of self-challenge, we will support each other in exploring those greatest strengths of ours that are key to us achieving our ambitions as leaders. We will then ask what more we should each be doing to disarm our “inner saboteur” in those moments when we are doubting ourselves, so that we become more courageous in the ways we reach for the stars – and can truly achieve our higher purpose as leaders. Fellows only
Leadership Conversation
Leading a higher performing team
From 10.30am until 4.30pm on Tuesday June 4th 2019
Summary details to follow shortly
Leadership Conversation
You as a leader - in five years time
From 6.00pm on Thursday 20th June 2019 until 3.30pm on Friday 21st
Summary details to follow shortly

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