Below we set out the dates and themes of our Leadership Conversations running through until early 2018. Some Conversations are marked “Fellows only” because attendance is restricted to Leadership Fellows. Others are marked “Fellows+” because we are very happy to welcome Fellows’ nominees, such as a member of their top team or a key business partner. 

The Leadership Insights arising from our first ten Leadership Conversations are now available on our Leadership Insights page.

There are three price bands for our Conversations:

  • One-day Conversations, from 10.30am to 4.30pm, including lunch and refreshments, facilitation and support and a product within 8 working days. Fee: £300 (VAT exempt)
  • One-night Conversations, usually from 6.00pm on day one (after the option of Evensong in the Chapel) until 3.30pm on day two, including accommodation in the House, all meals and refreshments, facilitation/support and a product within 8 working days. Fee: £745 (VAT exempt)
  • Two-night Conversations, typically running from 6.00pm on day one until 11.00am on day three, including overnight accommodation, all meals and refreshments, facilitation/support and a product within 8 working days. Fee: £1245 (VAT exempt)
Leadership Conversation
Improving our performance as leaders
From 6.00pm on Wednesday November 22nd until 3.30pm on Thursday 23rd
We start this Conversation by assessing our key strengths and weaknesses as leaders over the past year. From mid-morning on the 23rd we focus on identifying practical steps for improving our leadership performance as we prepare for 2018. Fellows +
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Leadership Conversation
Becoming more trustworthy as a leader
From 10.30am until 4.30pm on Tuesday December 5th
The proposition behind this Conversation is that the most fulfilling relationships at work are those where trust has gone from good to great. We will ask how this can be achieved, and also how we can turn things round when trust with a key colleague has taken a tumble and needs to be restored. These are tough challenges, and we will take advantage of our high trust groundrules as we engage with them. In the process, we will see that the key to our performance as leaders is self-trust. If we can crack that, all else will follow. Trust us! Fellows +
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Leadership Conversation
Leading Culture Change
From 6.00pm on Tuesday January 16th until 3.30pm on Wednesday January 17th 2018
In this Conversation, we focus on your role as a leader in driving culture change. We share notes about how we have each helped to drive culture change so far and sharpen up the leadership skills required to win over doubters and build greater staff support for the culture change process. We also encourage peer coaching across the group, that has made our previous Leadership Conversations so much more powerful as a result. Fellows +
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Leadership Conversation
Think today, reflect tonight, act tomorrow
From 6.00pm on Thursday February 8th until 3.30pm on Friday 9th
This quote, from one of our speakers at our first Gathering for Fellows, was quoted more than any other on feedback forms as the most powerful phrase used during the whole evening. At this Conversation, we will discuss what we each need to do to transform our lives as leaders to make this a reality. How do we create more time to think with our teams? When should we insist that decisions are tentative so that we build in time to reflect? How do we set a faster pace converting decisions into actions? Fellows +
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Leadership Conversation
Driving up Board performance
From 10.30am until 4.30pm on Tuesday March 20th
In this Conversation we will ask what more Boards should be doing to raise Board performance. For example, on key issues should CEOs involve the Board more when ideas are still half-baked? Should there be more joint reporting by Execs and Non-Execs? Should you create more space to explore disagreements before taking them “offline”? Should there before more “task and finish” groups and fewer standing sub-committees? Fellows +
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Leadership Conversation
Leaders as facilitators
From 6.00pm on Tuesday 24th April until 3.30pm on Wednesday 25th
Building on Chapter 7 of Nurturing Wisdom, Volume 1 and focusing on two aspects of your leadership role - as pace-setters and “permission-givers” - when facilitating key meetings for team members and partners. When people get “stuck” in meetings, how do you help them get unstuck? How do you make it possible for them to challenge assumptions that they associate with you as a leader? How do you encourage more challenge across your team whilst making sure everyone is open to changing their mind? Agenda in November. Fellows +
Leadership Conversation
Charting your path from good to exceptional
From 6.00pm on Sunday 13th May until 11.00am on Tuesday 15th
Asking how you should stretch yourself as a leader in charting your path from good/ very good to exceptional. We will support each other in defining our greatest strengths as leaders and the key weaknesses linked to them that require the support of colleagues to keep them in check. We will then focus on possibly the greatest single challenge for top leaders: being tough in dealing with under-performance on the part of colleagues with whom we work most closely. Agenda in November. Fellows only
Leadership Conversation
Leading with integrity
From 6.00pm on Monday 4th June 2018 until 3.30pm on Tuesday 5th
We like to believe that we lead with integrity. How do we challenge ourselves to ensure that we are holding ourselves to the highest standards? Do we do enough to challenge others when we see them compromising the truth in some way for the sake of the organisation's “reputation”? Do we work hard enough for a culture in which people say difficult things about others to their face rather than behind their backs? Do we really do all in our power to insist that our word is our bond - and if anyone doesn’t keep a promise, they volunteer this rather than hoping that no-one will notice? Agenda in December. Fellows +
Leadership Conversation
Achieving our higher purpose as leaders
From 6.00pm on Thursday 21st June 2018 until 3.30pm on Friday 22nd
For each of us, how do we define our higher purpose - our "True North" - as a leader? Do we think that we share this enough - with our close colleagues, and staff and partners more widely? If we don’t, what holds us back - and if we do, what more should we be doing to forge closer partnerships and alliances based on shared purpose? Can we pool our energies to come up with some not-too-difficult means of occasionally assessing our own performance as a leader in relation to our higher purpose? Agenda in January. Fellows +
Leadership Conversation
Title to be posted shortly
From 6.00pm on Thursday 19th July 2018 until 3.30pm on Friday 20th
Leadership Conversation
Title to be posted shortly
From 6.00pm on Tuesday 11th September 2018 until 3.30pm on Wednesday 12th

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