Below we set out the dates and themes of our Leadership Conversations running through until early 2018. Some Conversations are marked “Fellows only” because attendance is restricted to Leadership Fellows. Others are marked “Fellows+” because we are very happy to welcome Fellows’ nominees, such as a member of their top team or a key business partner. 

The Leadership Products arising from our first six Leadership Conversations are now available on our Leadership Products page.

There are three price bands for our Conversations:

  • One-day Conversations, from 10.30am to 4.30pm, including lunch and refreshments, facilitation and support and a product within 8 working days. Fee: £300 (VAT exempt)
  • One-night Conversations, usually from 6.00pm on day one (after the option of Evensong in the Chapel) until 3.30pm on day two, including accommodation in the House, all meals and refreshments, facilitation/support and a product within 8 working days. Fee: £745 (VAT exempt)
  • Two-night Conversations, typically running from 6.00pm on day one until 11.00am on day three, including overnight accommodation, all meals and refreshments, facilitation/support and a product within 8 working days. Fee: £1245 (VAT exempt)

We occasionally provide part-bursaries, funded out of the membership fee, to support individual Leadership Fellows who are keen to join one of our Conversations and not in a position to pay the full fee.


Leadership Conversation
Leading Innovation
From 6.00pm on Tuesday May 2nd until 3.30pm on Wednesday May 3rd
This is being delivered jointly with Leadership Fellow David Bott, Principal Fellow of Warwick Manufacturing Group and former Director of Innovation Programmes, Technology Strategy Board. A Note by David is included with the agenda. Fellows+
See the Agenda
Leadership Conversation
Leading a Winning Team
From 6.00pm on Monday June 5th until 3.30pm on Tuesday June 6th
A Masterclass building on Leadership Product 5 and designed for CEOs and Directors looking for new ways of revitalising your leadership of your team. We share top tips and focus on key development challenges, constantly on the look-out for radical ideas for driving up team performance. Fellows+
See the Agenda
Leadership Conversation
Courage in Leadership
From 6.00pm on Thursday July 20th until 3.30pm on Friday July 21st
At a time when the external environment is so uncertain, we are challenged more than ever to become more courageous as leaders. For each of us, what does this mean in terms of our leadership behaviours? In situations where our courage failed us in the past, what was the trigger that caused us to hold back and we need to see so that it doesn’t get in our way again and again? How can we best engage close colleagues in supporting us with demonstrating greater courage? And how might we best support them so that together we model greater courage in leadership? Fellows+
See the Agenda
Leadership Conversation
Empowering Others More as Leaders
On Tuesday September 5th from 10.30am until 4.30pm
Drawing on the ideas in Leadership Products 3 and 8, we challenge ourselves on the extent to which our leadership behaviours truly empower those around us. For example, how do we encourage team members to develop their own distinctive leadership style? Do we make a point of encouraging them to disagree with us? In driving the business, how much do we really trust colleagues as co-drivers rather than competent supporters in the passenger seats? Outline agenda in May. Fellows+
Leadership Conversation
Leading Global Networks
From 6.00pm (after the option of sung Evensong) on Sunday October 22nd until 11.00am on Tuesday the 24th
Designed for our growing number of Leadership Fellows who now find themselves leading global networks. We will focus on the leadership skills required of a successful global leader, concentrating on three aspects of your role: as an INCLUSIVE LEADER, embracing different cultures and leadership styles whilst also establishing shared standards of behaviour for the network; as an INFORMAL INFLUENCER, leading individuals many of whom already lead their own organisation; and as an ENTREPRENEUR, constantly seeking new ways of reaching out to new partners able to give you access to new markets. Agenda in May. Fellows+
Leadership Conversation
Improving our Performance as Leaders
From 6.00pm on Wednesday November 22nd until 3.30pm on Thursday 23rd
We start this Conversation by assessing our key strengths and weaknesses as leaders over the past year. From mid-morning on the 23rd we focus on identifying practical steps for improving our leadership performance as we prepare for 2018. Agenda in June. Fellows only.
Leadership Conversation
Leading Culture Change
On Thursday December 7th from 10.30am until 4.30pm
Drawing on the ideas in Leadership Product 2, we focus on the key challenges involved in leading culture change, especially generating a groundswell of support behind the change and engaging with doubters. We end by sharpening up a series of imperatives for sustaining culture change. Outline agenda in July. Fellows +
Leadership Conversation
Our Leadership Challenges for 2018
From 6.00pm on Tuesday January 16th until 3.30pm on Wednesday January 17th 2018
The second in our mini-series for Fellows in which we set the agenda for the Conversation during our opening session. We focus on top leadership challenges for 2018, reflecting on how we responded to those key moments in 2017 that kept us awake the most at night. Agenda in August. Fellows only.
Leadership Conversation
Driving up Board Performance
From 6.00pm on Thursday February 8th 2018 until 3.30pm on Friday 9th
Drawing on the ideas in Leadership Product 6, we focus on the challenges involved in driving up Board performance. We concentrate on the relationship between Non-Executive and Executive Directors and the need to avoid "tribal" behaviours that have held so many Boards back from becoming top performers. Agenda in September. Fellows +

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