Leadership Conversations 2024

Below we set out the dates and themes for our Conversations through to December 2024. Some Conversations are marked “Fellows only” because attendance is restricted to Leadership Fellows. Others are marked “Fellows+” because we are very happy to welcome Fellows’ nominees, such as a member of their top team or a key business partner.

Participants in Conversations from May to December 2024

Here is an up-to-date list of participants joining us for Leadership Conversations from May to December 2024.

Details are also are available on the Agenda page for each Conversation.


Leadership Themes:

Our programme is organised around 2 core themes:

Wisdom and Personal Growth

Providing a space for a deeper authentic enquiry into the character, purpose and ambition of our leadership.

Practical Wisdom For These Times

Providing an opportunity to share practical experience, expertise and learning around key contemporary issues.

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Leadership Conversation
Leading in Times of Transition
From 6.00pm on Tuesday 7th May 2024 until 12 noon on Friday 10th
There is a hard-won wisdom in navigating transition, a wisdom that only comes from experience. That is what we are seeking to uncover, share and sharpen in this three night Conversation, giving us a unique space to delve deeply into this wisdom, whilst also applying it to the reality of our own lives.

Amongst other things, we will explore:

  • Timing – when to act and when to be patient
  • Perspective – to see things as they are, not as we or others may want (or fear) them to be
  • Presence - getting beyond our ‘gut reaction’ to lead with calm and clarity
  • Hope – sustaining momentum when the way is blocked or unclear
  • Maturity – embracing natural life transitions along with external changes
  • Power – how it shifts and flows and what happens as we lose it/gain it

    Fellows only/ Facilitators: Chris Blakeley & Karen Stefanyszyn
Three-night Leadership Conversation fee: £1440
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Leadership Conversation
Risk, 'Failure' and Innovation - *Fully Booked*
From 6.00pm on Thursday 23rd May 2024 until 4.00pm on Friday 24th
Being in a safe environment where we can share stories of ‘failure’, the ‘B’ side of our story, without shame or anxiety is both cathartic and enabling. We can look back and see qualities and possibilities that came about as a result of failure and recovery. Growth is rarely a straight line. Here, we acknowledge and value the learning from setbacks along the way personally and reflect on the complex attitudes to ‘failure’ in our organisations.

We will share insights into how successful organisations and leaders have turned their failures into opportunities for growth and innovation, created a culture of experimentation that encourages risk-taking and promotes a growth mindset.

We will:

  • Discuss the critical role of controlled non-harmful failure
  • Explore the turning of failures into opportunities for growth and innovation
  • Consider cultures promoting experimentation and controlled risk-taking
  • Share experiences and insights on leveraging failure for innovation

    Fellows+/ Facilitators: Tony Wood & Karen Stefanyszyn
One-night Leadership Conversation fee: £810
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Leadership Conversation
Ethics in Leadership
From 6.00pm on Tuesday 11th June 2024 until 4.00pm on Wednesday 12th
As leaders we often face ethical dilemmas. Each year this Conversation considers how we as leaders can find and retain our ethical focus in life and work and so live at peace with ourselves.

We will consider:

  • Who we are becoming as leaders as we make decisions, inside and outside of relationships, inside and outside of power
  • The thoughtful operation of conscious principles and the deeper intuitive voice of conscience
  • Honestly, the tension between who we aspire to be and what we actually do
  • The system we are leading in and the ethical dilemmas it presents
  • What it takes to build and maintain the ethical character of any organisation, even when survival is threatened
  • How we are collectively shaping the moral and ethical foundations of our society and institutions that we will be handing on to future generations

    Fellows+/ Facilitators: Hueston Finlay & Karen Stefanyszyn
One-night Leadership Conversation fee: £810
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Leadership Conversation
Enough is Enough - *Fully Booked*
From 6.00pm on Thursday 12th September 2024 until 4.00pm on Friday 13th
As leaders we can often feel that we are over-stretched, under-resourced, and that we and our teams just have far to much to do. Such feelings can extend into our personal lives too. This pressure can lead to anxiety, stress, and even ill-health.

A counter to this is the concept of ‘enough’ - as leaders, stewards of our organisations, and as individuals, looking through the lens of ‘enough’, we will explore how to live and work in a sustainable way over the long term. How to be enough, do enough and have enough individually and collectively in these challenging times.

We will look at our experience of:

  • the prevailing mindsets of scarcity or excess and their effects
  • the internal and external forces driving behaviours
  • being enough, working with the imposter phenomenon, and developing true presence
  • doing enough, in environments of constant demand and ambition
  • having enough, sustainable growth, wisdom, connection
  • knowing when to stop, ‘the art of done’
  • on the basis of this understanding, we will then uncover the real-life wisdom available to us to apply the enough mindset to our life and work

    Fellows+/ Facilitators: Chris Blakeley & Karen Stefanyszyn
One-night Leadership Conversation fee: £810
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Leadership Conversation
Staying Human with AI
From 6.00pm on Tuesday 24th September 2024 until 4.00pm on Wednesday 25th
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in all its forms has been with us for some time now in the cloud based systems and services we use everyday. The change today is that it is now central to the workplace. Our organisations will start to use AI as assistance in the first place and then, as its “intelligence” increases in function, to replace many jobs - hopefully releasing human creativity and ingenuity for higher value activity…..

How will we as leaders work personally and professionally with this tidal change? What will we as humans do when the bulk of the current world's information work is completed by AI?

It is here now so let’s have a conversation about how we can bring about positive change and wisdom utilising AI. In particular to:

  • Discuss AI's emerging role in the workplace with fellow leaders
  • Explore how we harness AI for good change and wisdom in leadership
  • Consider the risks and fears relating to AI (whether founded or not)
  • Explore our roles when AI takes on a significant portion of information work
  • Ponder 'What does it mean to be human?' in the AI era
  • Collaborate on strategies for adapting professionally to AI's tidal change
  • Discuss what controls might be needed in our organisations

    Fellows+/ Facilitators: Tony Wood & Chris Blakeley
One-night Leadership Conversation fee: £810
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Leadership Conversation
Wisdom and Courage in Generative Leadership
From 6.00pm on Sunday 13th October 2024 until 12 noon on Wednesday 16th
The four big words in this title represent a powerful constellation. Take any one away and something ‘less-than’ starts to happen in the world. In this Conversation we will explore the growth, balance and flow of these qualities in our own leadership and in the culture we engender around us.

Progress is all about breakthrough, the way a shoot breaks through the soil. That is what we mean by generative, or regenerative, leadership. What it takes to release the latent potential or solution that lies below the ‘crust’ of old patterns, assumptions and behaviours that are no longer serving us.

Courage is about the honest determination to do what it takes and not to settle for the ‘less-than’.
Leadership is the call we all share to make a difference in the world.
Wisdom is the mysterious, hard-won quality that has us able to know:

  • When, how where, breakthrough is needed and how to spot the signs
  • When to be bold, strong, fearless and when to be calm, patient, nurturing
  • When to break the soil or prune the tree and when to tend or train
  • When to stay the course, when to flex with the flow

    Fellows only/ Facilitators: Chris Blakeley & Karen Stefanyszyn
Three-night Leadership Conversation fee: £1440
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Leadership Conversation
Regenerative Leadership
From 6.00pm on Wednesday 27th November 2024 until 12 noon on Friday 29th
What does it really take to lead in the 21st century?

This Conversation seeks to open up a new thread for the Fellowship, which we will follow through in subsequent events. In this first one, we will explore what it takes to release a different quality of thinking in the way we lead today. We can view it as a movement from an ‘acquisitive’, to a ‘sustainable’ and into a ‘regenerative’ mindset.

We will consider:
  • How we stay mentally alert to the possibility of regenerative breakthrough
  • How we work with ‘stuckness’ and the ‘frustration energy’ this contains
  • How true breakthrough emerges - in robust dialogue of apparently conflicting ‘truths’
  • How we bring ‘living system’ wisdom into our organisational routines
  • The bigger picture: our role as stewards, leading with future generations in mind

    Fellows+/ Facilitators: Chris Blakeley & Karen Stefanyszyn
Two-night Leadership Conversation fee: £1080
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Leadership Conversation
Leadership in a Regulated Environment
From 9.45am until 4.30pm on Tuesday 3rd December 2024
Are you a CEO or leader working in a rigorously controlled environment such as public service, health or tightly regulated industries? Do you find yourself grappling with power dynamics and feeling powerless at times, despite a title that would suggest otherwise.

Join us for a deep dive into the subtleties of leadership in such a context where wisdom and collaboration are key, and where power and regulatory dynamics can often leave us feeling frustrated or powerless, or both! We will share experiences, insights and practical tips for navigating the complex landscape of regulations, policies, and stakeholders.

We will share the unique space of St George's House to:
  • Explore with fellow CEO’s the nuances of leading in regulated environments
  • Discuss balancing competing needs, effective collaboration, and power dynamics
  • Share practical tips to navigate complex regulatory landscapes
  • Delve into specific challenges and opportunities that arise in controlled sectors
  • Learn and develop strategies from each other for driving innovation, building effective partnerships, and achieving success.

    Fellows only/ Facilitators: Tony Wood & Karen Stefanyszyn
One-day Leadership Conversation fee: £490
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