Leadership Conversations in 2021

Below we set out the dates and themes for our Conversations through to December 2021. Some Conversations are marked “Fellows only” because attendance is restricted to Leadership Fellows. Others are marked “Fellows+” because we are very happy to welcome Fellows’ nominees, such as a member of their top team or a key business partner.

Here is an up-to-date list of participants joining us for Leadership Conversations from September to December 2021.  Details are also available on the Agenda page for each Conversation.

Special Zoom Programme – Wisdom in duality.

In 2021 we are introducing a new series of zoom programmes, once a term, which we hope will become a standard part of our format for the Society going forwards. This builds on the value and insights that have been generated from our shorter ‘leader to leader’ zoom conversations and provides a space for people to connect in more depth around key questions that emerge. The report from the first series can be found here.

The broad theme we will be exploring this year is how we handle some of the dualities we face as leaders which have us pulled in different directions by different pressures, both internal and external. We often construe these as ‘either/or’ choices when the reality is ‘both/and’.

We have found the zoom environment, properly managed, to be just as conducive to in-depth conversations and have also found that the most value is obtained when we clear the space for a day to give it our full focus rather than trying to fit it in between other commitments. That is why we have allocated a day to these – either a single day or an afternoon and a morning of consecutive days.

This programme is provided as an optional addition to the residential programme and Fellows will still be expected to attend at least one face-to-face Conversation a year, as this is central to the ethos of the Society. Rather it is intended for those Fellows who want to sustain a more frequent contact than their annual attendance.

The remaining programme on this thread for 2021 are: (please click on the title to see the agenda)

‘Hard &/or Soft’ – October 14th

Further details about all of these themes can be found below.


New Leadership Themes from January 2021:

Wisdom in Leadership

Wisdom in leadership is about cultivating our presence and awareness to see more broadly and deeply into what is really happening and access a quality of response that is not available when we are caught up in the immediacy of their concerns.

Leading in these times

This theme will focus on conversations that have a specific relevance to ‘the times we find ourselves in’. They give us a chance as leaders to sense into how the wider forces at work in ‘these times’ are making themselves felt in our own leadership and organisations.


This will be a more practical theme, looking at how we expand our resourcefulness, competence and confidence by enquiring into core leadership challenges and dilemmas that we all face – learning from our shared experience and best practice as we do so.

To read more about these new themes please click here.


Leadership Conversation
The 'Leader to Leader' Exchanges. September - January
24th Sep, 22nd Oct, 12th Nov, 17th Dec, 14th Jan, - From 12.00pm - 2pm
Are we running the system or is the system running us. Full agenda to follow shortly
Fee: £195 for the 5 session series
Leadership Conversation
Deeper Learning - Facilitated small group sessions
Each session will be run on an ‘as needed’ basis. Simply register your interest and we will contact you to book in a time
One thing that many people have clearly valued on the conversations to date is Pete’s sensitive but probing facilitation and this is what we want to continue in these sessions. Facilitated by Chris or Karen, for groups of no more than five, these will provide a space to help you to go to a deeper level in addressing questions that are of real significance to you. This may be things that are stirring in you or concerning you, that you know you have not quite bottomed out – and which you sense may require some reappraisal of your own stance or perspective.
Each session will be run on an ‘as needed’ basis. Simply register your interest and we will contact you to book in a time
Fee: £75 per session
See the Agenda
Leadership Conversation
Leading with Integrity - and walking the walk
From 6.00pm on Monday 6th September 2021 until 3.30pm on Tuesday 7th September
We might talk the talk, but do we REALLY walk the walk? This is the challenge that we intend to put to ourselves at this Conversation. We set out a series of challenging behaviours that Fellows have identified as necessary for us to be satisfied that we’re leading with integrity. What more should we each be doing to ramp up the standard of integrity that we expect of ourselves and really set an example that those around us WANT to follow? Should we - as we asked ourselves last time - set higher boundaries in those relationships where levels of integrity are okay but not as high as we judge them to be in some other relationships? Fellows +
One-night Leadership Conversation fee: £745
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Leadership Conversation
Addictions & Freedom
From 6.00pm on Monday 20th September 2021 until 3.30pm on Tuesday 21st September
Why would anyone want to come to a Conversation on addictions? The immediate answer is that they are the cause of much of the dysfunctionality that most inhibits our effectiveness, both our own and our organisation’s. It is the subtlety of compulsive and addictive behaviours that gradually lull us into a state of sleepwalking. The pandemic of course exposed many of these for what they were, but it is not long before we settle back into them – old and new patterns. One of the key skills of a leader is the ability to see this kind of sleepwalking and to wake people up – however unpopular this may make us. Jim Collins famously coined this as ‘facing the brutal facts’ in his book ‘Good To Great’. During this Conversation we will consider the cause and effect of addiction, the realities and repercussions in our workplaces, and our role as leaders in shifting these patterns. Fellows +
One-night Leadership Conversation fee: £745
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Leadership Conversation
Leadership and Legacy
From 6.00pm on Sunday 10th October 2021 until 11.15am on Wednesday 13th October
There is a time in our leadership journeys when we shift perspective. We start to emerge from roles, constraints and patterns that are to some extent defined for us – whether at work or at home – and to sense into how to be a freer and fuller expression of our true calling. As Parker Palmer puts it – ‘is the life we are living true to the life that’s living in us?’ Is there a sense of something else calling us into a bigger story than the one we are inhabiting at present? And this is not an exercise in vanity, around feeding our own sense of significance. Rather it is the opposite – a letting go and a deepening of service and humility: What are we seeing that is so needed in the world around us right now, however near or far we look… and if not us, then who? And what might really possible if we were willing to trust ourselves, and others, enough to step more clearly, fully and freely into it? Fellows +
Three-night Leadership Conversation fee: £1325
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Leadership Conversation
Hard & / or Soft
(via Zoom)
From 10.15am until 4.30pm on Thursday 14th October 2021
How we manage the conflicting emotions and energies within us when we have to show up strongly and firmly behind tough decisions whilst remaining compassionate and sensitive to those caught up in them. Fellows only.

One-day remote Leadership Conversation fee: £290
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Leadership Conversation
Organisations as Conversations
From 10.00am until 4.30pm Wednesday November 3rd 2021
“In language we build our own identities, our relationships with others, the countries that we live in, the companies that we have and the values that we hold dear. With language we generate life.” Fernando Flores
This conversation will look at the extraordinary power we possess as leaders to shape both our own and others’ experience of reality through language. It will aim to help us be more alert to the power of language and more attentive, purposeful, and often more subtle, in our interventions. Fellows only.
One-day Leadership Conversation fee: £450
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Leadership Conversation
Re-imagining Team
From 6.00pm on Monday 8th November 2021 until 3.30pm on Tuesday 9th November
This conversation will take us into a radical exploration of the notion of team. One of the most significant consequences of the lockdown has been the different way leaders have found themselves engaging with their teams. We will share, explore and develop our own experience of ‘teams without boundaries’. In particular we will look at what we have learned about building common purpose and trusting relationships across some of the familiar structural and political schisms of organisational life. We will also look at the increasing spread of informal small, nested teams, (quads or triads) as a powerful force in mobilising organisational change and rapid adaptation. Fellows +
One-night Leadership Conversation fee: £745
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Leadership Conversation
Ethical Leadership
From 6.00pm on Tuesday 2nd December 2021 until 3.30pm on Wednesday 3rd December
Leading in any system has us face ethical dilemmas, choices that cause a level of inner conflict. Choices that cause us to question
• What should I do?
• What sort of person should I be?
• When should I speak up and when should I stay silent?
At the core of this conversation is the question, “How do I find my ethical stance to live at peace with myself, both personally and in business?”
A conversation on ethical leadership is not abstract, it is grounded in our own truth, our own reality, and our own dilemmas.
During this conversation we will consider who we are as leaders, how we tend to make decisions and what it takes to hold for the processing of ethical considerations. We will also look at it systemically, the ethical dilemmas we face, the courage and wisdom it takes to build and maintain the ethical character of our organisation. Fellows +
One-night Leadership Conversation fee: £745
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Leadership Conversation
Leader in the Mirror
From 6.00pm on Monday 6th December 2021 until 3.30pm on Tuesday 7th December
In his famous song Man in the Mirror, Michael Jackson sung "if you want to make the world a better place ... take a look at yourself and then make a change”. That will be our cue for this Conversation focusing on SELF-LEADERSHIP and our personal strategies for making better leaders of ourselves. What have been Fellows’ most effective strategies for self-leadership so far, and what are the key lessons that we each take from the stories that others share? Specifically, what changes should we each be making in our habits as leaders to make us more effective in persuading others to follow suit? By the end we hope to have sharpened up some general principles for getting tougher on the leader in the mirror, as well as supporting each other with sharpening up specific resolves in relation to our SELF-LEADERSHIP. Fellows +
One-night Leadership Conversation fee: £745
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Leadership Conversation
Rebalancing our lives as leaders and taking on our inner postponer!
From 10.00am until 4.30pm on Tuesday December 14th 2021
Every December we have a one-day Leadership Conversation in which we ask what your priorities are for the coming year. It has always been booked up 6 months beforehand, so please don’t delay too long if you want to join this one! This year we want to make things even more difficult for ourselves by asking which among our top priorities for 2022 we are most likely to postpone and - knowing ourselves as we do - keep on postponing. We will then explore what we might each do to ensure that in 2022 we TAKE ON OUR INNER POSTPONER! We hope that we will each end up with two or three resolves that we might ordinarily try to postpone and now intend to act on decisively in the early weeks of the New Year. Fellows only.
One-day Leadership Conversation fee: £450
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