Society of Leadership FellowsOur first Gathering for Leadership Fellows,
September 6th 2017

On September 6th we held our first Gathering for Leadership Fellows in the quire in St George’s Chapel.

Four of our Leadership Fellows gave speeches highlighting different aspects of leadership in a “VUCA world”, in which leaders are challenged on all fronts by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.  Their speeches received a very enthusiastic response from the Gathering, and when you have a few minutes to read them you will know why!

Please click on the front cover to open the document and read the four speeches.


Insights from Leadership Fellows,
Number 10, September 2017

This is the tenth in our series of Insights from Leadership Fellows, on the theme of empowering others more as leaders.  It draws out six key insights from the Conversation and proposes three killer questions as the framework for any discussion to empower others more as leaders.

The document argues that engagement and connection are at the heart of the empowerment process.  Leaders committed to empowering members of their team are urged to show the discipline necessary to avoid “meddling and tinkering”, if they really want to create the space for them to step up with confidence.

Please click on the front cover to open the document.


Insights from Leadership Fellows, Numbers 1-9

Volume 1 of Nurturing Wisdom brings together into a single document the first nine in our series of Insights from Leadership Fellows, drawing on the Leadership Conversations organised by St. George’s House through our Society of Leadership Fellows between October 2016 and July 2107.

On pages 2 and 3 you will see an Executive Summary with hyperlinked Chapter headings.  This is written for busy leaders so that you can quickly dip into any part of the document and scan it for insights that could be of benefit to you in your ongoing development as a leader.

Please click on the front cover to open the document.






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