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Collaborative System Leadership for Social Purpose

Governments and the public sector can only do so much to support the public in improving their health and wellbeing. The future depends on more co-design of health & wellbeing action by the people who use it most and those who miss out on services available. The pace and scale of Government and the public sector sharing their planning, service design and budgeting powers and control must change radically. Consultation will:  explore the role of civic society in supporting people to improve their daily lives; consider the challenges facing those who work in this area and identify ‘what works’ in overcoming them; and discuss how system leaders can create maximum impact.

St Georges House

Can Livestock Contribute to UK Food System Resilience?

This is a follow-up to our work on Livestock Transition at the end of 2021, building on the findings from that Consultation, which covered a wide range of topics pertinent to the food and farming sector post-Brexit and in the light of the climate change debate.

Levelling up ‘left behind’ neighbourhoods

One year on from the publication of the government’s landmark Levelling Up White Paper, this residential gathering will conclude the APPG’s inquiry into levelling up. Informed by newly commissioned research, expert testimony and written submissions, the inquiry aims to assess the extent to which the White Paper’s policy programme aligns with the needs and aspirations of residents in ‘left behind’ neighbourhoods, and explore the transformational changes necessary to level up these areas over the long term. The Consultation offers a unique opportunity to develop and stress-test the ideas generated over the course of the inquiry by bringing together diverse perspectives from sector chief executives, senior policy experts, practitioners, community leaders and parliamentarians to positively influence the future of the levelling up agenda through a final report to be published in March 2023.

This consultation will be held in partnership with Local Trust.