Our second “Breakthroughs + Dinner” for Leadership Fellows will take place on Tuesday, April 2nd 2019 in the Vicars’ Hall in Windsor Castle.

The event will run from 6.00 – 9.15pm in the Vicars’ Hall in Windsor Castle.

Through this process we hope that it will be possible for more Fellows to keep abreast of some of the best ideas coming out of our Leadership Conversations.

You will also be able to spend quality time with a range of other Fellows that you haven’t yet met.


A maximum of 60 places at the dinner

Invitations were sent to all Fellows on January 21st, with an RSVP form, and here is an up-to-date list of Fellows booked in for the dinner.

If for any reason this isn’t in your email system and you would like to book your place, please telephone Nicola Pryer, the Society’s Co-ordinator, as soon as you can on 01753 848791 or email Nicola on:


For those joining us for the reception, drinks and dinner, the cost is £80 (VAT exempt).

For those who need to stay overnight in St George’s House, the overall cost (including the reception, dinner, all drinks and breakfast the following morning from 7.30am) is £200, also VAT exempt.

We can only accommodate 60 Leadership Fellows for a sit-down dinner in the Vicars’ Hall, and so we take bookings on the basis of “first come, first served”.  Our first dinner on January 10th was fully booked.


We are looking for further breakthroughs – hence the +

Before the dinner, at 6.30pm, there will be two brief presentations of up to 3 minutes each by two Leadership Fellows who have each made significant breakthroughs in their thinking about their own development as a leader through one of our Conversations in the weeks running up to the dinner.

When the food is served at 7.00 pm we will ask you to consider each of these ideas in turn, and explore whether you or one of your colleagues can move the idea on to the next stage and make it even more powerful than it already is!

Once coffee and tea have been served, we will ask whether any Fellows have been inspired by the discussion at your dinner table to have their own breakthrough idea.

Hence our title for these evenings as Breathroughs + dinners!

 If you have had a breakthrough in your own thinking during dinner, you will have two minutes to wow us.


Take-away menu from January 10th

Beneath this text you can see the “Take-Away Menu” from our January Dinner.  We wanted to find a new way of presenting the ideas that were discussed, and we enjoyed capturing them in the form of a menu.

The two “starters” were the two breakthrough ideas shared by two Leadership Fellows – Dannii Portsmouth and Kate Nash – in truly inspirational personal pitches before the dinner.

The descriptions for the main course and dessert items capture six of the ideas that came up in discussion after dinner, in a way that we hope tells you enough about the core propositions to be stimulated by them – and hopefully challenged by one or two.

Discussion after dinner was very lively and involved some powerful personal sharing.  We are hoping that it will be the same on April 2nd, and we will create our own distinctive menu of breakthrough ideas.