On this page we are delighted to include feedback from Leadership Fellows who have joined our series of Leadership Conversations. 

Please see our Profiles page (link in the left-hand column) for a summary of the current post and key experiences of our Leadership Fellows.

Ritika Wadhwa (Leadership Fellow)

"I see so much value in this community - from those who lead it to those who are a part of it. Absolutely love every minute I spend at the Castle and always come away feeling rejuvenated"

Jamie Gill (Leadership Fellow)

"Thank you for a very special 3 days and nights. It was hugely enriching and brought together an incredible group of people."

Ben Buckton (Leadership Fellow)

“What a brilliant conversation. Expertly led by Tony & Chris, and visibly stirring for all involved. It felt so much longer than it was in reality, which is down to the quality of the cohort, the depth of conversation and the skilled facilitation. I have left the castle walls but hopefully carry the wisdom with me”

Devi Virdi (Leadership Fellow)

"I feel incredibly privileged to be in the surroundings and serenity of the castle walls and our two facilitators Chris and Tony, carried such energy, were beyond amazing!  I had a transformative couple of days which will definitely go down in my life story as a high” 

Darren Jaundrill (Leadership Fellow)

"From the moment I walk through the gates to the moment I leave, I feel at home. Whether that be for a Fellowship Dinner, a short conversation, or the longer ‘retreat’ conversations. Conversations inevitably spark connections, initiatives and ideas but they nurture genuine and authentic friendship. This is a true fellowship and I have come to realise that St George’s House is my only ‘safe space’."

Clare Lyons-Collins (Leadership Fellow)

"Finding stillness may feel like a luxury in today's bustle of life. The three night Conversation however, was exactly what was needed to engage in others wisdom and learn from each other. The unique space of the Vicars' Hall within the Castle grounds creates this opportunity to be still, reflect and emerge with energy."

Tim Kemp (Leadership Fellow)

“Thank you all for a simply wonderful two days. It was a treat for so many senses and left feeling properly nourished. The environment you have all crafted is very special and I felt both stimulated and pampered.”

Lisa Pinney (Leadership Fellow)

“It was wonderful to spend time with such inspirational colleagues, Chris and Karen were really excellent and thought provoking and I have already got so much from the two days”

Steve Jacques (Leadership Fellow)

"I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful organising and hospitality.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Conversation – my head is full and it was both inspiring and challenging."

Gregor Thuswaldner (Leadership Fellow)

"The three-day conversation this October was one of the most meaningful events I have experienced in a long time. I can’t thank you all enough for the amazing, transformative, and life-giving impact of the conversation. And I can’t wait to be back at Windsor next fall."

Tessa Marchington (Former Leadership Fellow)

"What an inspiring day! Thank you so much. You created such a trusting and sharing atmosphere. I look forward to hopefully a few more this year!"

Martyn Dadds (Leadership Fellow)

"This 3-night Conversation was a quite exceptional experience. Something very profound happened that few if any of us had ever experienced before. It really was a fabulous group working together in the remarkable atmosphere in our Vicars' Hall “home".  We established a level of trust, courage and championing of others that made this a wonderful rare event. As a group we’ve stayed close since ...”

Mike Unger (Leadership Fellow)

"A huge thank you for an amazing day amongst so many thoughtful, talented and above all welcoming and understanding people. Much to ponder and I hope this will be the first of many such experiences."

Richard Collins (Leadership Fellow)

"Thank you for a most enlightening day. It was fascinating to be part of a beautifully facilitated process that gathered momentum and delivered some extraordinary insights. A huge thank you to everyone for their invaluable contributions and personal stories."

Simon Lee (Former Leadership Fellow)

"Just to say thanks for hosting a really inspiring Conversation yesterday. I really enjoyed it and came away feeling energised and uplifted. We had our Living Our Values awards today and I felt incredibly inspired.”

Annabel Berry (Leadership Fellow)

"It is an understatement to say that our Conversation had a huge impact on me. I was really overwhelmed by the response and support I had from you all, as well as being inspired and moved by what you all shared too. Seeing vulnerability as a strength and not a weakness is something I will be focusing on to further develop myself as a leader.”

Kate Birtles (Leadership Fellow)

"What an awesome thread of emails from you all after the Conversation. I feel very privileged to have spent time in your company and been able to benefit from your wisdom. I have such renewed energy to truly look at what is next and take some action – thank you all!”

Jonny Palmer (Leadership Fellow)

“My first Conversation was nothing short of exceptional. It left me with a focus and drive in areas I was utterly blind to before. The depth of trust between Fellows, and determination to see each of us achieve all we possibly could, combined to deliver an incredible experience which is already paying dividends in both my professional and personal life.”

Jacqueline Hinds (Former Leadership Fellow)

"I thoroughly enjoyed my first Conversation and meeting you all on the day. I found it was full of insightful, inspiring nuggets of information and knowledge; definitely giving me some 'Aha' moments throughout the day.”

Dianah Worman (Former Leadership Fellow)

"Good to read the notes of what came out of our stimulating couple of days. It's great stuff and serves as an example of the creative benefits that can be gained from purposeful and open collaborative discussions between people with different views, ideas and experiences. To coin a phrase 'the whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

Chris Cole (Leadership Fellow)

"Thanks everybody for your experience, wisdom and graciousness. A lot to think through and apply from this Conversation. Really appreciate the experience of St George's House and being part of such a great initiative.”

Debbie Gardiner (Former Leadership Fellow)

"It’s been an amazing couple of days. I found the whole thing captivating and uplifting. I feel proud to have been part of this Conversation and proud to be a part of the Society of Leadership Fellows, St George's House.”

Michelle Morgan (Former Leadership Fellow)

"Oh wow!  I came away truly inspired, impressed and with a renewed sense of ambition and belief in all that I’m doing. Thank you everyone for making that happen - you had such good, open and inspiring energy!  And thanks to Pete and Krysia for making it so easy to get to the important stuff.”

David Clarke (Former Leadership Fellow)

"Thanks for another wonderful leadership event. I found this one to be the most relaxed and yet personally transformational. I feel privileged to be a part of the Fellowship and feel that the thoughts and stories we exchange with each other afterwards are as important as the time we spend together at the House.”

Clare Lyons-Collins (Leadership Fellow)

"Thank you so much for an amazing two days. I was really inspired by so many people sharing their stories and working together to find solutions, with fab facilitation and gentle challenge. It was a privilege to go through this process and the report really captured the moments.”

Charlotte Macleod (Leadership Fellow)

"My first Conversation is now complete!  Thank you to you all for the very special experience, the challenge, the support, the learning and the amazing new relationships that have been created.   I’m already looking forward to my next 'St George’s House fix’!"

Beth McHattie (Former Leadership Fellow)

“The considered feedback from such eminent peers was a privilege. Even more powerful however, were a few impromptu responses to things I said. I’m cherishing these, carrying them around with me, and people are noticing!”

Kartik Sharma (Former Leadership Fellow)

"I really enjoyed the Conversation and pearls of wisdom. I'm leaving more focussed, energised and clearer in my mind. I've never experienced such an atmosphere of trust and sharing before - ever.  It was amazing."

Lianna Champ (Former Leadership Fellow)

“A most seismic experience and I have come away with a ‘Ready Break Glow’.  You have all been amazing and thank you for sharing with such honesty. I have to say, being a part of the Fellowship has given me a grounding and inner confidence to shake away any doubts which can at times can creep in.”

Marcela Gonzalez (Leadership Fellow)

"Thank you for the wonderful inspiring time in Windsor. My gratitude to all of you for sharing your experiences with such humility, the great respect shown when listening and the sharpness when advising. It was an enriching and joyful experience for me. I left full of energy, fearless and determined."

Terry Watts (Former Leadership Fellow)

"I wasn’t at all sure what to expect, but it was really welcome to have time to reflect on our impact on our organisations and how we can take ourselves to the next level. With the help of you all, the time far exceeded any expectation I might have had.”

Jane Townson (Former Leadership Fellow)

"Wow - what an insightful few days. Thank you so much for all your challenge, feedback and input which helped me to clarify my thinking. It was a real privilege to be in the company of such kind and talented people, witnessing breakthroughs and transformations occurring before our eyes."

Jenny Edwards (Leadership Fellow)

"Thank you for all the sharing, learning, heartful challenge and encouragement. We will all keep each other in touch with progress and any setbacks.  It is said "Together we are a genius” - now I believe that more strongly."

Maddie McGowan (Guest)

"Well, I have just bear-hugged my boss for sending me along! I can’t thank you all enough for your acceptance, support, energy, friendship and real wisdom. I’m completely hooked on this and think you might just be helping me to change my life."

Jean Gray (Former Leadership Fellow)

"What a wonderful experience ... the warmth, honesty, knowledge and soul searching was fantastic and to see the “meerkat” moments we all had when we sat up at our revelations were just mind-blowing. The engagement and connection we had will stay with me as well as the fun and laughter."

Keith Howells (Leadership Fellow)

"I found the day extremely productive, giving me the chance to ask myself some particularly challenging & soul-searching questions. I really appreciated your ability to challenge us without it ever feeling intrusive. The additional challenges & insights that I received from the group gave me the resolve to change elements of my approach to leading & coaching."

Graham Watson (Guest)

"I wanted to thank you for a fantastic day yesterday, it was a privilege to be in the room and to be part of the event. The thought of conversation format was rather daunting before the event, but it worked incredibly well and I got so much out of it. I left energised and excited about putting plans into action.”

Kate Marshall (Guest)

"Thank you for an incredibly insightful couple of days. I was not quite sure what to expect when I arrived and I thoroughly enjoyed it. What a wonderful group of people! They helped me realise we are not alone in our leadership roles, even though it sometimes feels that way. "

Diane Dibley (Former Leadership Fellow)

"This was my first opportunity to join a Conversation at St George's but I sincerely hope it will not be my last!  Both my fellow participants and facilitators made me feel welcome and comfortable to explore my personal issues as well as providing feedback and gaining learning from others. I have already started to implement some of the thinking."

Tara Golshan (Leadership Fellow)

"The Conversation was instructive, perceptive and engaging.  It served to open up my mind to new horizons and possibilities that I had not considered before.  Extremely effective - and a very special thanks to Pete, Sharon and Krysh who were inspirational and motivating."

Ben Wilson (Former Leadership Fellow)

"The opportunity to attend these events is a real privilege. The facilitation provided by Pete, Sharon and Krysia was excellent as issues were raised and discussed in a challenging but safe environment. I came away feeling energised and with a new sense of purpose."

Jonathan Heawood (Leadership Fellow)

‘I came away from St George’s House full of energy. Thanks to the outstanding facilitation, the group went almost immediately into high performance mode on Sunday evening. By Tuesday morning, I had a clear plan for the next few months and a very exciting vision for the coming years. Thank you all.’

Tracey Guiry (Guest)

"I have never attended a management course before and your approach was perfect for me, raising issues safely which I'm continuing to process, and will do for a long time, particularly those I probably didn't share at the time.  And it has already improved my leadership behaviours! Thank you from me, and my staff!"

Jens Hildebrand (Former Leadership Fellow)

"Thank you all for two intense days of open dialogue, cooperative learning and inner growth in the best spirit of St George’s. What an experience to work with such gifted, accomplished and kind-hearted individuals! The way you used your incredible energy and positivity to spark our flames and keep the fire going was truly inspiring!"

Esther Forum (Former Leadership Fellow)

"Thank you for providing a very warm, safe and reflective space to deepen my practice as a facilitator. The facilitation itself was excellent and because of Krysia's fabulous facilitation skills, I learnt as much observing as I did practising."

Hein Scheffer (Leadership Fellow)

"This has been one of the most self-rewarding sessions I’ve ever attended, as I think it was possible to learn from you as facilitator and each of the delegates on the programme. I used our ground rule discussion at a Board session yesterday.”

Anita Higham (Former Leadership Fellow)

"A very warm thanks to Krysia for all her driving, well-focussed and creative energy. Warmest thanks to all my fellow ‘Facilitator Learners’ who all contributed generously and in so many different ways to giving me clearer insight and perceptive understanding."  

Sharon Amesu (Former Leadership Fellow)

"The 'Leaders as Facilitators' workshop was exceptional. With great, skill, sensitivity and deftness, you modelled just how effective a facilitator can be in drawing out the collective wisdom held by a group. We had a strong and enabling group dynamic - thank you all."      

Tony Cooke (Former Leadership Fellow)

“Thank you so much for such an excellent event - thought provoking, reflective and fun. You facilitated it expertly. We all came away feeling more confident about how to improve our own personal styles of facilitation and with clear concrete actions to back that up.”            

Jeremy Dahdi (Former Leadership Fellow)

"The event was truly magical.  There is something special about the coming together of a variety of people in St George's, with a challenging subject and an equally challenging facilitator! The 24 hour set up worked really well, too, as the intensity and strength of discussion built up right to the end.”

Linda Drew (Former Leadership Fellow)

I immediately wanted to write about how utterly brilliant this event was. I had mixed expectations and the reality exceeded all of them. I recommended it to the first person I met with after the event, and I don't make recommendations lightly.

Nick Thomas (Guest)

"I thought it was a fantastic 24 hours – energising, challenging and safe, with a bit of culture thrown in for good measure. Would highly recommend for any senior leader looking to explore their own views and preconceptions about leadership and life in general.”

Mark Chater (Former Leadership Fellow)

"Thank you for a most amazing and empowering 24 hours. It was a cornucopia of great ideas, good narratives, profound insights, mutual support and challenge. Trust, ambition for excellence, co-creation of themes, and toughness combined with generosity were hallmarks of the whole Conversation.”

Cheri Ashby (Former Leadership Fellow)

"A unique opportunity for us as leaders to come together and learn from one another in a supportive but challenging way. I would highly recommend this special experience, with its combination of an inspiring setting, leaders from a range of contexts and excellent facilitation."

Jeff Chinnock (Guest)

"Thanks very much for so brilliantly facilitating what was an informative, challenging and intense set of discussions with some fantastic  people. All of this was considerably enhanced by being in what is a very special place.”

Rebecca Goss (Guest)

"Thank you so much for welcoming me. The last few days have been a rollercoaster and I have found the conversations challenging, thought provoking and very rewarding."

Patrick Craven (Leadership Fellow)

"It was a privilege to spend such quality time with everyone.  For me, St George’s House and the Society of Leadership Fellows is where I go to do my best thinking – the space is built for it and the programmes, delegates and facilitation just fuel the opportunity.”

Kevin Doyle (Guest)

So many of us went away with fire in our bellies to tackle the issues that had held us back from achieving our goals.  My biggest thanks go to my fellow participants.  Your feedback was challenging, yet constructive and supportive.  Without this, the barriers which had been holding me back would not have been challenged and a way through realised.

Nigel Cushion (Former Leadership Fellow)

"I found this Leadership Conversation a fantastic, uplifting, challenging and memorable experience. The facilitation allowed us all to give the best of ourselves - it was engaging, warm and respectful, yet robust. 10/10. I left with renewed hope as well as an edge to make things happen with pace."

Mandy Smith (Former Leadership Fellow)

"I usually find these events very difficult, when your invitation came through I had to really challenge myself to attend. I am so pleased that I took the risk and came out of my comfort zone. I thoroughly enjoyed working with so many talented people, and their experiences/ advice were immeasurable. I feel like I have grown so much as a leader."