The Society of Leadership Fellows was established by St George’s House in 2016 to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of the House. Since then we have developed our series of Leadership Conversations exploring different aspects of leadership that are of concern to our Leadership Fellows as we support each other in seeking to offer exceptional standards of leadership.

Our 250 Leadership Fellows

We have limited the size of our Fellowship to 250, so that it is possible for Fellows to get to know a good number of their peers when they join us for events at St George’s House.

Please click here for a summary of our Fellows’ leadership profiles, and here for their photos. You will be struck by the diversity of our leadership community and the number of entrepreneurs who combine their leadership of commercial organisations with leading a wide variety of community bodies and charities.


Chris Blakeley, Karen Stefanyszyn and Tony Wood are the Society’s Programme Directors and also facilitate the Conversations.  Chris has been pioneering new approaches to leadership development, drawing on ancient wisdom teaching as well as contemporary psychology and business education. Karen operates from a deep fascination for what it really means to be human, living and working in the 21st century and the level of consciousness that is now required for us to be able to thrive in this environment. Tony is a a strategic advisor and mentor with key knowledge of entrepreneurship, start-ups, operations and regulated businesses.

Terms of membership

Each Leadership Fellow is appointed for a 12 month term. Fellows are liable to pay the annual membership fee in full (£325 plus VAT) at the time of appointment, when we include the profile of new Fellows in our public list of Leadership Fellows on the profiles page on this site. All Fellows agree to join at least one of our Leadership Conversations during a 12 month period (24 months for International Fellows based outside of UK/Europe).

Leadership Conversations take place within the framework of our guiding principles that we have developed with our Leadership Fellows and their themes are set out on our Conversations page. The insights arising from some of our previous Leadership Conversations are captured on our Insights page here.

Making a booking for a Conversation

At the time of their appointment or reappointment, we ask all Leadership Fellows to make a provisional booking to join one Leadership Conversation during their 12-month term.

We are only able to include the profile of a Fellow in our published list of active Fellows once we have received this booking. Our terms of booking for Conversations make it possible for Fellows to transfer their booking from one Conversation to another. We also make it possible for Fellows to nominate an appropriate senior colleague to take their place if they find that they have to drop out of a Conversation at the last minute.

Breakthroughs + dinners for Fellows

Once a term we hold a Breakthroughs + dinner exclusively for Leadership Fellows in the Vicars’ Hall, and our next one is due to take place on Monday 11th March.  The format is set out on a separate page, together with some photos of our previous dinners.

Appointment of Leadership Fellows

The appointment and reappointment of Leadership Fellows is entirely at the discretion of St George’s House. We are currently giving priority to leaders who are from medium to large organisations seeking to support their own leadership development and that of their immediate team.


Invitations to join the Society

Decisions to invite individual leaders to join the Society are taken by the Warden of St George’s House, the Revd Canon Dr Hueston Finlay, on the recommendation of the Membership Advisor.

We maintain a waiting list of individuals who have been through the appointment process, so that it is possible for them to join the Society as vacancies become available. If you would be interested in joining us, please email our Director, Michael Pitfield, with a brief summary of your key leadership experiences: [email protected]

If you have any enquiries about any aspect of our work with leaders, please telephone our Co-ordinator, Nicola Pryer, on 01753 848791, or email her on:

[email protected]