Our first Annual Gathering for Leadership Fellows


We had a terrific first Annual Gathering for Fellows on September 6th. Our theme was “Leadership in a VUCA world”.  Four of our Fellows – Em Wilkinson-Brice, Sharon Amesu, Zitah McMillan and Jonathan Heawood – opened up discussion about the four challenges of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity through sharing their stories as leaders and drawing out the key insights that they had taken away from earlier Leadership Conversations.

Their talks are available on our Leadership Insights page.

On our 50th anniversary

2016 marked the 50th anniversary of the founding of St George’s House. To celebrate this milestone and honour the founding vision of His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh, the House established the Society of Leadership Fellows to further our core mission of nurturing wisdom.

Our Leadership Fellows

After launching the Society late last summer, we are delighted that we now have more than 170 Leadership Fellows. They include among them exceptional business and social entrepreneurs, not just from the UK but also a number of other countries. We are truly proud of them all.

Our next reception: Tuesday October 31st

Each term we hold a reception to welcome new Leadership Fellows. Here is the list of participants so far for the next reception on Tuesday, October 31 from 6.00-7.30pm with the option to join Evensong beforehand. These are an important opportunity for new Fellows to meet with a range of current Fellows and if any Fellows not on the list are able to join us please contact Nicola as soon as possible.

High Trust Conversations

Together with our Fellows, we have put in place an ambitious programme of high trust Leadership Conversations. During our first 9 Conversations, a number of Fellows made important breakthroughs in their thinking, captured in Volume 1 of Nurturing Wisdom on our Leadership Insights page. For feedback from these Conversations, please see our Latest Feedback page.

Becoming a Leadership Fellow

The annual membership fee payable by Fellows is £240 plus VAT. This covers our core staffing costs and also the cost of events such as our Annual Gathering for Fellows and termly receptions to welcome new Fellows.  In addition, Fellows meet the cost of attending Leadership Conversations, set out at the top of our Conversations page. Before someone becomes a Leadership Fellow we ask them to satisfy themselves that over the coming year at least one of our Conversations would support their self-development as a leader.

Signing up for a Conversation

When individuals become a Leadership Fellow, we ask you to sign up for one of our Conversations over the next 12 months. In the case of international Fellows, we ask for this commitment over a 2 year period. If you look at the programme and can not see a topic that would be of benefit to you, please contact Pete Ashby (details below). One or two of our strongest themes have been developed with leaders who said “I’m not sure you have the right theme for me …” and then went on to develop that theme with us.

Are you a leader …

… committed to your own self-development as a leader and willing to support others with theirs?

If you are, and would be interested in joining our Society of Leadership Fellows, please telephone our Co-ordinator, Nicola Pryer, on 01753 848791, or email her on:


Pete Ashby is the Society Director and if you wish to contact Pete directly, you can telephone him on 07825 266046 or email him on:



Decisions to invite individual leaders to join the Society are taken by the Warden of St George’s House, the Revd Canon Dr Hueston Finlay, usually on the recommendation of the Society’s Director.

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