In partnership with Corsham Institute

The final consultation of four in the Corsham Institute 2016 Thought Leadership Programme

As more and more aspects of our day-to-day lives move towards digitally enabled modes of delivery, the need for citizens to feel confident that when they participate, and in the broadest sense transact, digitally that they can do so with confidence through a better understanding of what personal data is being provided to third parties as part of a digital footprint. 

As digital transactions becomes a greater feature of every aspect of daily life we need to ask a critical question in terms of how prepared is society to handle this new mode of interaction.

For this reason, we set the following overarching question for this consultation:

How do we better equip society to understand the benefits and consequences of transacting in a digital world?

The full report can be read here. Further information on these themes and the overall findings from the Programme is available in our Key Findings Report.