When St George’s House was founded in 1966, the original vision was based on a justly perceived need for considered discussion of topics of moment by people in a position to make a difference.

Almost half a century later the need to nurture wisdom through dialogue remains relevant to a society whose brightest hopes for a new millennium, despite all humankind’s progress, have lost some of their sheen when faced with the recurring problems of crime, conflict, poverty and all the other distressing ingredients of social dysfunction which it is our duty as citizens of the world to grapple with imaginatively, practically and persistently.

Our programme of consultations reflects those issues pertinent to 21st century society. Elsewhere on this website you will see the range of topics we cover. It is a deliberately eclectic programme because the issues that affect our society are themselves eclectic. By programming a consultation on a particular topic we create an opportunity for considered debate and discussion which can in turn lead to broadened perspectives, progressive thinking and, ideally, workable solutions.