14th December 2023

From Polarisation to Collaboration: Rethinking Political Culture

How do we generate a political culture that puts nation before party? How do we energise the electorate to take serious cognisance of their civic responsibility as voters? Why cannot our government operate as collaborative problem-solvers, putting the long-term needs of the nation ahead of those of their parties? Is it that we have the wrong politicians, or are these issues inherent in our parliamentary system and first-past-the-post electoral process? In short, how might we do things better?

From Polarisation to Collaboration: Rethinking Political Culture explored these issues by bringing together a cross-sectional mix of senior politicians, civil servants, and creative minds from business, media and academia. This initial Consultation took as its starting point electoral reform, civic engagement, parliamentary procedures and the role that media plays in connecting those who vote with those who govern.

12th December 2023

Health Care – A Radical Rethink

Our Consultation had a its starting point the question, ‘What sort of NHS do we as a nation want?’ Using cancer care as our template, we brought together thought leaders from across society to help us shape the future of health care in this country. Change will require innovative thinking. It will require a willingness to think laterally about and learn from good practice in other sectors and internationally. This is not a time for tinkering at the edges of the problem. This is time for a radical rethink of our approach to cancer care and, by extension, to health care in general in the UK.