In partnership with Corsham Institute

The third consultation of four in the Corsham Institute 2016 Thought Leadership Programme

The digital world is less than 25 years old, however, it has already demonstrated clear economic and social benefits. In the UK we have seen the ‘Smart Cities’ initiative focus on the development of digital infrastructure in our main population centres and the meshing together of digital and analogue infrastructure. 

To date, however, the focus has been on infrastructure rather than how digital technologies can benefit the lives of individual citizens. By considering ‘smarter living’ and the ways in which digital can support more effective day-to-day elements of our lives in terms of work, home and community, this event aimed to explore how we can all benefit from the advantages that digital technologies can deliver.

The full report can be read here. Further information on these themes and the overall findings from the Programme is available in our Key Findings Report.