In partnership with Corsham Institute

The first consultation of four in the Corsham Institute 2016 Thought Leadership Programme

Digital Health is considered by many as the next critical development in health and care, and an imperative if we are to have a health and care system that is capable of meeting rising demand at a time of increasingly scarce resources.  The consultation therefore had the following objective:

How we can help people to have a better quality of life by maximising the potential of digital health in their health and care?

During the consultation this was explored by considering:

  • The imperative for adopting digital health and care solutions, and whether this is sufficiently defined or needs refinement?
  • The benefits which can be achieved through digital health and care, and the potential barriers which might prevent adoption
  • The cultural, financial and regulatory requirements needed to create a positive environment for the adoption of digital health and care solutions
  • An agenda for action and change which will support the change required.

The full report can be read here. Further information on these themes and the overall findings from the Programme is available in our Key Findings Report.