Digital’s role in re-gaining resilience in a more uncertain world

In partnership with the Corsham Institute

The second consultation of four in the Corsham Institute 2016 Thought Leadership Programme

Building greater resilience is seen by many as one of the greatest challenges facing modern society.  We live in a more digitally connected and yet more uncertain and potentially less secure world. Digital technologies are disrupting the traditional methods of interaction, and citizens need to feel confident in their use digital technologies if the goals of economic growth and social progress are to be achieved.

 The ‘rules of the game’ are being re-defined, as we interact differently, and become increasingly dependent on digital technologies for everyday aspects of our lives.  If we are to gain the most from a digitally enhanced way of life, society needs to adapt, so that we are better prepared to address possible disruptive threats, and balance the convenience of more digitally enabled society against the cyber risks which are emerging.

The aim of the consultation was to consider what ‘resilience’ means in a more digitally connected and enabled world, with the view of exploring how society can re-gain a stronger sense of security and resilience in what has become a more uncertain environment, so that citizens can feel confident in their use of digital services, supporting demand and uptake.

The full report can be read here. Further information on these themes and the overall findings from the Programme is available in our Key Findings Report.