An image of a soldier and poppies.

In partnership with the War Studies Department, King’s College London and The Culture Capital Exchange

World War I had a seismic impact on Western civilisation and, indeed, across the world. Our consultation looked at the social, cultural, political and economic impact of the conflict. Taking a counterfactual approach we asked two related questions concerning the critical events of 1914 – might the war that year have developed differently (as in 1870 or 1940),

and what might our world have looked like had war not broken out at all?

As part of the consultation we used counterfactual techniques to explore possible variations from the historical strategic course of the war in 1914, and the development of the famous trench stalemate.  British, French and German officers engaged in a kriegsspiel of the crucial Western campaigns of August and September to explore whether a more decisive outcome might have occurred as in 1870 and 1940.

The full background paper can be read here.