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In partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute

This week-long Consultation brought together young people across the world who are involved in the Roots and Shoots Programme devised by the Jane Goodall Institute. The focus of the week was for the professional development of each participant with particular emphasis on leadership.

There was also a series of high-level presentations on topics of relevance to the Institute as a way of engendering debate and discussion.

The consultation aimed to:

  • Facilitate international relationships and collaboration between critical Roots & Shoots global leaders.
  • Foster growth by sharing global Roots & Shoots stories and impacts.
  • Enhance globally relevant skills that will facilitate the spread of Roots & Shoots in our respective countries.
  • Collaborate on global initiatives so that they reflect the true global voice of the Roots & Shoots programme.

Roots & Shoots 2016 Group

   Participants from the 2016 Roots & Shoots Group