A photograph of Cumberland Lodge

The Windsor Lectures are a collaboration between two of the UK’s foremost centres for ethical discussion: St George’s House and Cumberland Lodge.  Our common aim is to promote national debate on key social issues. Consequently, our institutions have launched this joint series of high-profile talks with the purpose of stimulating responsible and influential discussion.

The Windsor Lecture, Robert Fox


Robert Fox has been a journalist and broadcaster since 1967 and is currently defence correspondent for the Evening Standard. Between 1968-1987 he was a BBC correspondent and reporter, covering the Falklands, the Middle East, Northern Ireland and Italy. In 1987 he joined the Daily Telegraph as defence correspondent and chief foreign correspondent, during which time he covered conflicts in Afghanistan, the Gulf, the Balkans, and the Middle East intifada. Between 1976-77 he was a guest commentator for Corrieredella Sera in Milan.


Publications include:

Eyewitness Falklands (1982); Antarctica and the South Atlantic (1985)
Camera in Conflict (1995); and Liners (1998)
I Counted Them All Out (1982) Co-author with Brian Hanrahan
War and Truth: Reporting and History (Forthcoming)
Eyewitness to History. (Forthcoming)

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