A photograph of Cumberland LodgeThe Windsor Lectures are a collaboration between two of the UK’s foremost centres for ethical discussion: St George’s House and Cumberland Lodge.  Our common aim is to promote national debate on key social issues. Consequently, our institutions have launched this joint series of high-profile talks with the purpose of stimulating responsible and influential discussion.

Last years lecture was held in The Vicars’ Hall, Dr Susan Liautaud lectured on Understanding the Ethics Behind the News: The Contagion of Unethical (and Ethical) Behaviour. The lecture explored ethical decision-making as both the common challenge and the greatest opportunity across virtually every news story today, whether a tweet or an exposé in The Economist.  Our speaker considered why ethical decision-making is more important in today’s world than ever before, unraveled a succinct framework for ethical decision-making, and explored how ethical decisions provide a unified and concrete foundation for understanding stories, from Virgin Galactic to Charlie Hebdo to Ebola, and for generating the news stories we would like to see.

The next Windsor Ethics Lecture will be announced shortly and will be held at St George’s House.

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