We are focusing these Deeper Learning sessions on three broad themes as follows:

  • Connection and culture: Exploring the nature of connection with our teams and people, as they react in very different ways to ongoing uncertainty and volatility. The capacity to connect, rapidly, deeply and purposefully, is probably the most crucial element both to survival and creativity in challenging times. We all face complex questions of how we nurture this quality of connection in the face of forces that so easily pull us into more immediate preoccupations.

  • Clarity: Courageously discerning the right course of action concerning key decisions, and competing priorities, that we find ourselves facing into. Probing into the known and the unknown, sensing into the subtlety of what the time is asking of us now. Being willing to experience the unknown and strengthening those around us to do the same.

  • Growth: Pausing to breathe and notice how we are growing and changing ourselves in the midst of all this. Processing our own growth and personal transition as we face into the challenges and questions arise for us as leaders at this time. What is stirring or shifting within us that we may not be giving enough attention to?