6th September 2016

Civil Society and the State

The Role of Charities in Campaigning

The compact between the state and charity has undergone significant transformation since the Second World War. Today, the operating environment for charities is in considerable regulatory and financial flux. Their role in campaigning is increasingly part of public discourse. How should we define the relationship between civil society and the state in a representative democracy­? 

Our Consultation looked in depth at the issues, bringing together senior people from a range of relevant sectors to spend concentrated time on the topic, away from the glare of the media in the privacy of Windsor Castle.

The summary report can be read here.

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6th May 2016

Transformational Media for Social Impact

In partnership with the Discovery Learning Alliance

This gathering of leaders in media for social impact from around the world explored the power of media to improve lives and transform communities. Through open discussion and reflection, they aimed to advance the impact of quality content to create positive social change in education, health, the environment and society. In a spirit of collaboration, the goal was to advance the practice of social impact media through new relationships and the sharing of experiences across platforms, sectors and continents.