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Anyone who has been in the Vicars’ Hall knows just how special a place it is. Not only is it ideal for our consultations but it lends itself perfectly to chamber-style cultural performances, whether music, literature or lectures. Thus we are pleased to host there the St George’s House Cultural Programme and other similar events.

Each term we offer a different cultural event. Attendance is by invitation only, open to those within the Castle community and Associates of St George’s House. If you would like to enjoy fine music, excellent literature, and stimulating lectures in historic surroundings why not become an Associate of St George’s House?  For further information visit our Become an Associate page.



St George's House Cultural Evening

If you are an Associate of St George’s House and would like to join us on Friday 8th June please email

Associate Events

Natural Numbers, Natural Shapes by Professor Gábor Domokos

To mark the presentation of a Gömböc to St George’s House, Professor Gábor Domokos distinguished Hungarian mathematician, co-inventor of the Gömböc gave a lecture entitled, “Natural Numbers, Natural Shapes”.

The Gömböc was invented by Professor Domokos and Mr Péter Várkonyi. To use the mathematical definition, it is the first known homogenous object with one stable and one unstable equilibrium point, thus two equilibria altogether on a horizontal surface. In other words, it is an object that rights itself up every time, no matter how you move it or where on its surface you place it. The mathematical theory took ten years to prove. The implications for biology, astrophysics, planetology and geomorphology to name just a few disciplines are far-reaching.


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Associate Events








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